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In 1890s Brytainnia, corsets are in vogue, magic is illegal, and an ancient threat is rising in the shadows. Meanwhile, 14-year-old Abigail Crowe is drawn into a web of family secrets, spurred by her father’s mysterious death.

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Perfect for fans of Wednesday and Enola Holmes. A gothic gaslamp fantasy webserial, updating every couple of weeks. Subscribe to receive updates directly to your inbox.

Book 1

A dead father. A missing Spirit. An ancient manor with far too many locked doors.

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The use of magic here is *gorgeous*...
Roshani Chokshi

Book II

A Charm of Magpies

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Cover of "The Wintertree - A Solstice Story"

A winter's tale of spirits and forbidden magic. Share your calling card below for your free copy!

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