The Portrait Hall

Dramatis Personae

Abigail Crowe

I'm fourteen years old, and Mum would say I have more sass than sense, but at least I've never killed a  Vanda coerulea orchid with overwatering.

Edward Crowe

I hadn't seen my uncle for almost a decade, ever since Dad banished him from our house one wintery night. Hearing from him is definitely not a good thing.

William Crowe

My little brother. He once almost set the garden on fire because he wanted to see if teasel plants burned green. I swear I don't know why we keep him.

Beatrice LeNoir

Ravenscourt's gardener is very odd. She's fond of stories and knows plants almost better than Dad -- but I think she knows more than she's telling us.

Maris Crowe

None of us particularly loved the drafty old house in Caledonia, but I think Mum must've hated it most of all.

Emily Carol

The daughter of Corvick's local pastor, I'm not sure what to make of Emily. She's drab and drawling, and more than a little mean... but in a fun way? I guess?

Isaac Carver

I've only met Isaac briefly since coming to Ravenscourt. I can already tell he's a bit of a prat.

Lewis Crowe

Coming soon.

Bartholemew Bentridge

Coming soon.